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Monday, September 17, 2007

Clinton unveils healthcare plans ...

Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton announced her new plans for nationwide universal healthcare today and became the third Democratic presidential candidate to promise better, cheaper healthcare for all Americans.

Previously, candidates John Edwards and Barack Obama separately announced their plans to create healthcare plans to become the base of their 2008 presidential campaigns.

On the other side of the aisle, former NYC Mayor Rudy Giuliani proposed a plan, similar to that of President George Bush, whereby individuals would be provided with tax breaks in order to use the money to secure their own health plan or to increase healthcare benefits from a limited plan through an employer.

Here is a pretty interesting blog that covers the various healthcare issues

Former Commonwealth of Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney used the healthcare issue to blast the democrats and to lump all democratic healthcare plans into one campaign bashing bucket.

Romney's web site lists his view on future healthcare.

The Romney Webmaster and PR team seem to be overlooking Mssrs. Edwards, Richardson, Dodds and Obama, among others, just by their URL and arrogance to claim its a two horse race in the presidential race?

In addition, Romney's plan calls for State-by-State regulation of healthcare rather than a universal plan to be instituted by the federal government. And, he backs 'free-market' proposals for private companies to delve into the healthcare business that his government policy would turn its back on.

Great. Thanks Mitt. Keep your daytime job.

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