Thursday, May 5, 2016

Forbes: Sox Lunch E-Newsletter the Skimm of Sports

You might enjoy reading an item on my latest venture in the #SportsTech #SportsBiz world, published by Forbes yesterday.

Forbes' Alex Reimer wrote:

As a diehard Red Sox fan in the digital age, Kevin Phelan felt he was living an ironic existence: though a plethora of information about his favorite team was constantly at his fingertips, he found it difficult to stay informed. He was wasting much of his time sifting through mounds of unwanted content rather than actually reading articles that kept him up-to-date on the latest Sox news.

“Why is it on fans to find the information themselves?” he thought. “Why not bring the information to them?”

Original Sox Art of Big Papi (David Ortiz)
Midway through the 2013 season, Phelan, 41, decided to put his plan into action. He launched the Sox Lunch newsletter at the All-Star Break and distributed it to family and friends. Two and a half years later, nearly 30,000 people receive his daily email, which consists of a brief summary from the previous night’s contest, a preview of the next game and links to the top three stories of the day. Think of it as the Red Sox version of theSkimm, the wildly popular newsletter that condenses the day’s news to a more digestible format for its 3.5 million subscribers.

“We try to take this ‘just the facts' approach,” Phelan says. “People like to read it on the [subway] on the ride in. We’ve had people tell me, ‘This keeps me plugged in.'"
With a booming business in Boston, Phelan has decided to expand operations elsewhere. After months of intensive research, he identified Mets and Cubs fans as the right folks to target.

“I ultimately saw two great markets and two franchises that on paper look to be young and trending upwards,” Phelan says. “If you look at the data around searches and growing fanbases from a digital standpoint –– both of them met that. They also have players who are active on social media and full-time dedicated social media resources.”

To help with the expansion, Phelan has brought aboard Terry Lyons, who served as the NBA’s Vice President of International Communications until 2007.  He hopes Lyons can use his sports business acumen to help “Mets Lunch” and “Cubs Lunch” make an impact in two of the most competitive media markets in the country.


Yes, that is where I come into the picture. I met Kevin Phelan late last summer and we discussed some of the possibilities for a simple product like the "Sox Lunch" e-news.  Together, we saw the possibilities for very specific, local -- and gradually national/global -- engagement with the passionate fans for each offering. Fast-forward to April/May 2016, and we're knee-deep in a burgeoning business in sponsorship and merchandising. In essence, the "sky is the limit."

More to come as we map-out the business in a big way. And, I'll leave you with the initial though of sports marketing wiz Joe Favorito from his sports industry blog, a 30,000-member communique:

"Sometimes, it's the simplest ideas that work the best. One recent example, launched formally this spring, is (Sports) Sox Lunch."
Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that work the best. One recent example, launched formally this spring, is Sox Lunch. - See more at:
Sometimes it’s the simplest of ideas that work the best. One recent example, launched formally this spring, is Sox Lunch. - See more at:
                                                                            -- Joe Fav

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

We've all been there, and it Drives Me Crazy

No kidding ...

Ode to Donald Trump, Bobby Knight and the Indiana Primary

How many of you remember Bobby Knight's expletive-laced, raving maniac, totally out-of-control - "I'm not losing to Purdue" - rant?

Well, I was thinking about the new and perfect marriage of the former head basketball coach of the Indiana Hoosiers with the crazy, dangerous, demagogue Donald Trump, currently seeking nomination for the most important job in the United States of America.

Using your imagination, fade to black as you conjure up the image of Trump and Knight addressing a team of campaign workers later on today, the day of the Indiana primary.


“If you’re not going to (work), then I’m getting the F#$& outta here. If you’re not going to cover (Ted Cruz), if you’re just going to let him drive by you, and if the rest of you are just going to let them get the (votes) (outside the three-second-lane), and drive all the way in here without one guy challenging him, then I'm leaving, and you guys will run ’til you can’t eat supper. I’m tied out this S#$&. I’m sick and F@#$ing tired of our (996 delegate) record.

“I’m sick and F#$%ing tired of losing (Tippecanoe County). I’m not here to F#$% around this week. You may be. I’m not,

“Now, I’ll F#$%ing guarantee you, that if we don’t (get the nomination) Tuesday night, your not going to believe the next four F@#$ing days,

“I am not here to get my ass beat (in Cleveland).

“You better F@#$ing understand that right now. This is absolute F@#$ing bulls#$%.

“I will run your ass right into the ground, you’ll think last night was a F@#$ing picnic.

“I’m not going to sit around here for another year with (996 delegates) in this F@#$ing (party). You will not put me in that F@#$ing position again, or you will G-Damn pay for it like you would not F#$@ing believe.

“Well, you better get your head out of your ass."

The original (not safe for office speakers).

Sunday, April 24, 2016

Prince Videos: Are Coming Strong

It seems quite a few had a moment with Prince, maybe witnessing an impromptu performance at a show. Here's one from BB King's joint in NYC, where Prince joined Larry Graham, former bass player for Sly and the Family Stone. 

Rest in Peace Sir Prince. Thank-you for a lifetime of enjoyment through your music and talent, shared with the world.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Nice mention from Kevin Kernan on our Mets Lunch newsletter: