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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

The SBA ...

I honestly thought it was a blurb from The Onion ... but, it's not. It's true!

This is really happening.  It happened. (It might happen, if the House and Senate don't step up with at least one ounce (no steroid pun intended) of dignity.

Now, keep in mind, the (gulp) PEOTUS was quoted as saying Mrs. McMahon "has a tremendous background," and "is one of the top female executives, advising companies around the globe."

But, anyone who might've heard of Hulk Hogan and his crew, knows this is what her background is (was?).  

Sadly, this blog post is not a joke from The Onion or SNL- it's REAL. The SBA was born of The Great Depression and created by Herbert Hoover in 1932 as the Reconstructive Finance Corp. and FDR took it from there to create strong programs and loans for small business.

This is an embarrassment to The United States of America. 

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