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Saturday, July 30, 2016

On Politics: I'll See You in November

Let me get this straight. Roughly half of the people in this country are saying they’ll vote for a guy who has been the common denominator in having problems with and/or criticizing (a partial list, excluding Democratic officials):
1. A former Presidential candidate who was a Prisoner of War
2. The Pope
3. Women
4. The people of an entire religion (Muslim)
5. Presidents George H.W Bush, George W Bush and their brother Jeb
6. Former Presidential candidate Mitt Romney
7. The people of Mexico
8. Presidential candidates Kasich, Cruz, Fiorino, and Rubio
9. So-called Presidential candidates Christie and Carson
10. A Fox News anchor and debate host
11. The media, in general, including barring media he doesn’t like.
12. Disabled people, via a NYT reporter suffering from arthrogryposis
13. A retired four-star U.S. General
14. A Judge presiding over his alleged case of fraud involving Trump University (because the American-born Judge was of Mexican descent)
15. A Colorado Springs Fire Marshall (who was enforcing laws)
16. Former Speaker of the House
17. Current Speaker of the House
18.The AFL-CIO
19. Hispanics
20. Native Americans
21. Neil Young
22. And now, today, the mother and father of Humayun Khan, an United States Army captain who gave his life in Iraq.
The right to cast a vote is the most important right of a citizen of the United States, wouldn’t you say?
On this topic, I’ll see you all in November.

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