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Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ramble On ...

Donald Trump took the oh-so typical but short-sighted route when he cancelled his May 18th appearance on the Late Show with David Letterman after the show's host turned on the heat vs. Trump and branded him as a racist for Trump's early campaign tactics of questioning President Obama's nationality.  Trump might have a very short list of media opportunities if he uses that tactic in his ill-conceived run to the Republican national convention.  For instance, we're pretty sure he'll take a pass of commenting directly to "The Blog @"

Trump comes from the school of  'shutting down access' to any media outlet who questions him or places him in a negative light. That might work in his (small) world of New York mogul/tycoon/kahuna where he can pick and choose his media opps but, in the world of national politics, it doesn't fly.

For instance, will Trump boycott all the DC media who laughed out loud when President Obama poked jokes at himself and the Donald at the annual DC correspondent's dinner last night?  With punch-lines galore, the POTUS chose to roast Trump over many of the other so-called candidates, like (O)-Mitt Romney, Sarah Palin or even the already out of the running Haley Barbour.

The WSJ didn't stop at roasting Trump, they lamb-basted him with a "Celebrity Apprentice Oval Office" lampooning the real estate mogul with this article.  Trump's recommendation to President Obama, according to the WSJ is, "to get tough with all the nations that are ripping off the USA." 

Trump's platform as a candidate might not be his foreign relations view.  If you're wondering why, see THIS.

The telling moments in the correspondent's dinner were the countless times Trump stared stone-faced when the POTUS cracked a number of funny punchlines.  No sense of humor equals no votes, sir.


NASCAR has made some changes in the front office, including the hiring of former NBA TV producer Steve Herbst to fire-up NASCAR's future television relationships.  Good stuff.


In the aftermath of the royal wedding in England and the media frenzy over the fashion statements made by Pippa Middleton, the lyrics to "Dear Ol' Donegal" officially have been altered by the Irish to now read: "Shake hands with your Uncle Mike, me boy, and kiss Kate's sister."


Match-ups are always the key storyline as the NBA's playoff series begin and media outlets make their predictions on how the various series will pan out.  The Memphis Grizzlies matched-up favorably as they defeated the San Antonio Spurs in their first round series, just as the Atlanta Hawks did over the Orlando Magic. Meanwhile, the Dallas Mavericks were able to overcome their match-up deficiencies as they eliminated the Portland Trail Blazers - a series that many thought would lean towards the Blazers.

In the second round, err, Conference Semifinals, all eyes are on the Boston Celtics vs. Miami Heat, a playoff match-up worthy of the NBA Finals but one that will play out much earlier in the NBA playoff marathon than most expected.  Thanks to the Chicago Bulls and their 62-20 regular season record, the Heat (58-24) will face the Celtics (56-26) in the Eastern Conference match-up of the century.  The Celtics, with the edge at head coach, point guard, power forward and depth should be able to handle the Heat's mighty "big 3" of Dwayne Wade, Lebron James and Chris Bosh in six tough games.  Much will depend on Boston's Paul Pierce and his ability to defend James, Wade's ability to help contain Boston point guard Rajon Rondo and the Battle of the Fours between Bosh and Boston's Kevin Garnett. 

Boston bigs Jermaine O'Neal and Shaquille O'Neal will certainly play a role in the series.  Miami will miss power forward Udonis Haslem who has been injured for most of the season. 


Regular season records and therefore, home court advantages of the remaining NBA playoff teams:

Chicago:   62-20
Miami:      58-24
LA:            57-23
Dallas:      57-23
Boston:     56-26
OKC:         55-27
Memphis: 46-26
Atlanta:     44-38


More importantly, here are the Gas and Milk standings from this week:

Gallon of Gas:  $3.89-4.12
Gallon Milk:     $3.58-4.99


The impact of Facebook and Twitter is undeniable.  The latest example of the strategic use of Twitter was C.J. Watson of the Chicago Bulls being utilized to announce the annual NBA Most Valuable Player award via his personal Twitter account.  Brilliant.  Rose quickly countered the report, saying "He hadn't been told by the NBA."  Rose did not say he "hadn't been told, period, as he was more likely to hear the news from a Chicago front office member.


The best way to help the people of Alabama and the southern state region - American Red Cross.

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> Any truth to the rumour that the POTUS timed his announcement on
> Sunday night to coincide w/ knocking out The Apprentice in mid-flight?
> (it's now Obama 1 - Trump 0 if you're keeping score)