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Sunday, December 15, 2013

Why College Refs are Terrible

I believe we all agreed with the great Tim Duncan when he proclaimed "FIBA (refs) suck," after Duncan was presented with a bronze medal at the 2004 Olympic Games in Athens where he spent a considerable amount of time on the bench, in foul trouble.

I believe NCAA (and other) college basketball refs are nearly as bad.

I believe people who complain about pro basketball refs "never calling traveling" have no appreciation for the talented players at the professional level of play nor do they understand the importance of the "flow of the game" which will allow the players to settle the score, as opposed to allowing the coach on the sideline to control the tempo, or worse, to allow the referees to decide the outcome of a game.

I give you exhibit 1-A in the latter, where a college ref has the gaul to blow his whistle and signal a Technical foul after this play:

It annoys me to a point where I can't even comment on the incompetency of such an official who is clearly trying to "control" a game that is far too advanced, quick, fast and "above the rim" for his own comfort. Shame on the NCAA for allowing this to happen in their gyms.

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