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Sunday, December 22, 2013

Not Your Father's Tonight Show

When Jimmy Fallon takes over as host of NBC's "Tonight Show," viewers will be treated to a new and very contemporary series of television. Gone are Steve Allen and Johnny Carson and retired will be Jay Leno who competed mightily with David Letterman over the past decade or two.

In Jimmy Fallon, who replaced Conan O'Brien after the NBC botched the Tonight Show Shuffle Leno-to-O'Brien debacle, we will have a truly funny, innovative and versatile host of much more than a talk show. Fallon hosts an entertainment show and his comedy routines bring out the best.  

Fallon often does simple rather than ornate.

While his interview skills and conversation with the industry's greatest stars remains highly entertaining and - sometimes - remarkable, I enjoy his music tastes and talents. His band, The Roots, provide the perfect complement and back-up. At times, The Roots could be the entire "Show." 

The Tonight Show of 2014 will not be your father's tonight show as the talent of Fallon shines best when he does simple but innovative skits like this:

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