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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Angel -----> Sugaree

What makes you happy?

Can you answer that question quickly?

I hope so.

One thing in life that always makes me happy is good music. There are hundreds of artists, bands and their songs that make me smile and enjoy the sound. Some more than others.

There are two wonderful musicians who show the joy of music making every night they play together. Boston's own Susan Tedeschi and her gifted-guitarist husband Derek Trucks perform like none other. That fact is evident in this selection, grabbed from their official site on YouTube.

Susan does the solo in flawless fashion, but as a fan with some insight into their talent, history  and chemistry, I enjoy the pure joy Susan exhibits as Derek steps-in to back her up. Susan, then, leads the band - in near perfection. 

We often write of sports and the "thrill" of victory in this space. I try to portray the mental toughness of competitors and what it takes to rise to the top of a profession. 

What, exactly, sets some apart from others and what is it that makes the difference?

Can you imagine the thrill, the power, the joy and the confidence that Susan Tedeschi feels as Derek and the band back her as she switches from Angel of Montgomery into the great Grateful Dead tune, Sugaree, written by Robert Hunter and composed by the late, great Jerry Garcia?

Watch for yourselves:

My best to the Tedeschi-Trucks Band.  I hope to see you very soon.

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