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Monday, December 3, 2012

You Can Change the World

December 3, 2012 -- If you're reading this, you have the where-with-all to change the world. Happily, it's not because of the tools you'll get with the random prose written here. To be clear, the point I'm attempting to make in The Blog @ TerryLyons this balmy winter morning is not about me.

It's about you. You can change the world and you can start today.

Write a story or begin that book. Listen to a song and pen some lyrics. Find a new hobby. Pursue your passion. Get out your outline of the book you've always wanted to write. Listen to a song on the radio and you might be inspired.

I'm trying, so you can do it, too.

I was inspired during the past weekend as somehow, someday, somewhere, a long-time friendship was renewed and I was able to spend some INCREDIBLE quality time with one of the most amazing people I've ever met in my life.

No names, because he wouldn't want it that way, but here are the facts.

As time goes by, we tend to create a routine. When we go to a restaurant, we tend to order the same things, the things we know we love to eat. We stay in the comfort zone as we humans, indeed, are creatures of habit.

But every now and then, we step out of that zone.

The good friend from high school days at my beloved "Trinity" stepped out of his routine and comfort zone, took a plunge and a little "risk" by booking a flight to Boston to visit with the "reward" being a ticket to a Tedeschi Trucks Band concert.

The concert was going to be great, we all know that, but would he enjoy the time? Would it be awkward? Uncomfortable? 

Not a chance.

Instead, the amazing person I am describing brought the goods along with one bag of luggage. He brought a personality borne of a gene pool that should be preserved for the sake of all future humanity.

He brought his keen sense of humor and he brought his love, memories and experiences from an education at Holy Trinity High School, Fordham University and a (half) lifetime of living and being himself. He brought along his unbelievable knowledge of people, of science, of music, of sports, of life, of trial and error, of fun, of sadness, of psychology, of nutrition, of good, of being a good son to his father, (now 89 and living in Fla).

And, just by being himself, he's inspired me to reach for heights that deep down, I know I can reach if I try.

If I follow that inspiration, I know I can change the world.  I have the idea and long ago penned an outline for a project that will help every single person that wants some help. I have the small business idea that can help every single graduate as they embark on a lifetime of gaining experience. 

So here in "The Blog at" I will start my epiphany with a commitment to be healthier and to begin training as I enter/register for the 2013 Pan Mass Challenge.  That is the small step and I will write more about it in 2013 to provide the details from my (wonderful) experience when I participated in the 2009 Pan Mass Challenge. Then, I'll provide more details on the Miles for Mary team I will join at the invite of my good bud, Johnnie, he of West End Johnnie's fame.

A ride in the Pan Mass Challenge raises some serious cash for the Dana-Farber Institute for Cancer Research and because of the good work of event organizers, headed by Billy Starr that is already in the books, the money raised goes straight to the right places, much like my all-time favorite charity, The V Foundation. (By the way for those of you with the "Olympic gene," Billy Starr is the brother of a longtime colleague, Mark Starr, one of the world's most knowledgeable resources on the Olympic movement. Mark wrote for Newsweek for decades).

The next step will be to dust off a book project and lay the ground work, and put some paint on the canvass of REAL writing. Writing for a cause. I know I'll be calling a certain St. Pete scribe this week, as he's the guy who can help me get it jump-started. 

Now, switching gears a bit, and following up on a note penned earlier in this convoluted blog post, I mentioned a "change the world" concept and that thought was sparked by a story about Boston radio station WBCN in the Boston Herald.  BCN helped change the rock 'n roll world with their AOR themes very well documented here in Boston and throughout the radio industry, but possibly overlooked across the entire country. 

The project being touted here today is American Revolution - a Kickstarter campaign undertaken to help fund a film on BCN's influence in so many lives the impact would be impossible to quantify. 
Tonight, at the House of Blues - Boston - the music industry will gather to help publicize the film and to raise money for its creation.  They've already raised some $10,000 over the $104,000 goal.  (Get it? 104?) A show of stars tonight at HofB is a thank-you to those who've contributed. The lineup of musical acts is pretty amazing.  Check it out.

The show was originally planned for the Paradise but the promise of an oversold, overcrowded house and the ability to raise additional funds, called for a move to the larger venue .

So, let's go.

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Bill Minikel said...

Terry, First, I appreciate the incredibly kind and magnanimous comments you have written about me. An individual might hope to have such kind sentiments expressed at one's funeral; to read what you wrote honors me beyond words.
Second, like begets like, and your kind invitation, extreme generosity and welcoming hospitality only engendered good will between us. John Lennon sang about instant Karma, and you put forth love and friendship, and I get the sense you experienced the boomerang effect. To see how the staff at Johhnie's interacted with you—and by extension me—so positively with warm affection and easy laughter showed me your kindness and humility. I enjoyed sharing your memories and truly look forward to creating more memories in the future. Once again, thank you...