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Tuesday, December 4, 2012

BCN benefit - BOSTON

So, HofB does a benefit show last night, right? Boston's "BCN" is the Michael Jordan of radio stations and they started a KICKSTARTER program to help create a documentary film to be called, The American Revolution. Well before this benefit, but only after moving here to Boston, I "got" the fact that BCN was something special and I understood it a little better after attending the benefit (for a whopping $25.00 (after the show, I felt guilty and donated another $20 since most attendees had ponied up $104.00). ... So the show goes on. I saddle up in my usual spot, posted up at the right hand of the sound board guy. But, because of the rather sparse crowd, at times, I wandered right up front, stage left, so close that I could place a cold one right on the stage to applaud.

Now, I grew up with the "Bill Russell and Wilt Chamberlain" of radio stations in that of WNEW-FM and WLIR (92 on LI), so again, I know the AOR drill pretty well.

BCN is in another category, though. TREMENDOUS. The honest to goodness love of that station by the 50-60-somethings in the HofB was apparent. But, THE MUSICANS took it further. You could just feel the respect the musicians of Boston had for that station. Every one of them said the station either:

1.) Saved their Lives
2). Inspired them
3). Or, best yet, simply guided them along in their lives.

I concur (probably on all three points in regard to NEW and LIR), and I expect, many of you do too. Music can do that and more.

So, now, everything is going along fine. Music, great slide show on a big screen (although the photo of John and Yoko walking on 72nd St in front of the Dakota sort of funked me out for about 30 minutes). 

Then, it happened. They appeared on the stage - sans Brad, obviously, as I had stepped to the men's room. so I RAN back to my spot. And listened to this.  BOSTON

It brought back memories of this:

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