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Tuesday, November 6, 2012

The Dream Team of Election Night Reporters ...

POTUS w Family
"My Dream Team"

Coach: Charles Osgood (CBS)

My personal Dream Team ...

Center- Bob Schieffer (CBS)
Point Guard - Brian Williams (NBC)
SG - Norah O'Donnell (CBS)
SF - George Stephanopolous
PF- Scott Pelley (CBS) - Newcomer to the list ...
Sixth Man - David Gregory - (NBC Meet the Press)
Courtside reporters: Cokie Roberts (ABC), Andrea Mitchell (NBC)

MVP: Jon Stewart - Comedy Channel

Cable - The good, but also rans because on Cable...
PG - John King (CNN)
SG - James Carville (CNN)
SF - Donna Brazile (CNN)
PFs - David Gergen, Candy Crowley

*** DIVE for the REMOTE and switch to local (NECN) coverage when the following network anchors or reporters appear 

1. Diane Sawyer (ABC)
2. Sean Hannity (FOX)
3. Tucker Carlson (Fox News Channel)
4. Bill O'Reilly (Fox)
5. Glenn Beck (?)
6. Savannah Guthrie

Used to be good, but fading:

1. Wolf Blitzer
2. Jim Lehrer

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