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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Dan Roundfield, NBA All-Star

Dan Roundfield was an all-star level NBA player each and every year as I started with the league.  With credit to SI's contributed Thomas Lake (who I do not know, but salute his efforts on this piece), here is a sad but fitting tribute to the man who lost his life as he saved his wife's life in rough waters off the coast of Aruba:

LAWRENCEVILLE, Ga -- Danny Roundfield lay in his casket in a room that smelled like roses while the people who loved him lined up to look at his face. It was late Thursday afternoon, 10 days since his death in a foreign country, two days since his body came home. From time to time, in the foyer and the lobby, you would hear his friends talking quietly about how he died. They seemed unsure about it. Most people knew he had drowned, but further details were scarce. The news reports from Aruba had left people wondering.

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