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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

God Help Us All...

This story from the Philadelphia Inquirer:

Tim Donaghy's tumultuous journey through the federal prison system, which he says included a beatdown from an inmate who claimed to have New York mob connections, finally is coming to an end.

The Havertown-bred former NBA referee is scheduled to be released (Wednesday) from the Hernando County (Fla.) Jail, where he's finishing a 13-month prison term for his part in a gambling scandal that triggered an avalanche of negative publicity for the league.

Donaghy, 42, pleaded guilty in 2007 to federal wire-fraud and gambling charges. He admitted to accepting cash payoffs from two childhood buddies from Cardinal O'Hara High in exchange for betting tips that were based on his inside knowledge of the game.

"I've dealt with a lot of felons and I think he is sincerely repentant and contrite,'' said Pat Berdan, of Executive Prison Consultants, a firm that has been assisting Donaghy in prison.

"I see no intent, not even a hint of it, of revenge or retaliation or attempting to put the NBA in their place or anything like that,'' Berdan said. "He is quite remorseful about the whole thing.''

The Villanova grad served the bulk of his sentence at a minimum-security prison camp in Pensacola, Fla., where he suffered a knee injury when, he said, a man who claimed to have mob ties assaulted him.

Donaghy was transferred to a halfway house in June, but was sent to a county prison in August for a federal rule violation. His attorney, John Lauro, said Donaghy believed that he had permission to go to a health club to work on his knee, but federal authorities said it was an unauthorized trip and locked him up.

Lauro said the last few months have been tough on the ex-ref, who still needs knee surgery.

"County prison is the last place in the prison system that anybody would want to be," he said.


TL Comment: I just can't even believe this guy is doing testimonials for Executive Prison Consultants. You just can't make this stuff up? An admitted liar and felon being your go-to guy as a spokesperson? Someone who hasn't proven - for one second - that he is remorseful or looking to make a positive impact in life. Christ? Volunteer for some local charity or join the Marines. Do something.

By the way - this is ACTUALLY on the Executive Prison Consultants online site:

"Executive Prison Consultants did more for me than I ever thought possible. They helped me get things done that attorneys told me were not realistic. Thanks to EPC, I left prison months before my originally scheduled release date. The professionals at EPC get results!"

-- Tim D (convicted liar and felon)

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