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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Look Back: One Year -- Where is the Drive and the Determination?

A year after the most important election in our lifetime, the spirit and the drive that was the backbone of a new, young, impactful candidate has been reversed and undermined by the political opponents defeated a year ago tonight.

I ask why?

Why have we allowed the enthusiasm and the desire for change to be sucked right out of our daily lives?

Why have we cowered underneath the pressures put forth by the people who bring you Fox News?

Why aren't we out there making the changes happen instead of backing down to the very people who stand by their actions to sabotage something as basic and decent as providing health care to our fellow citizens, many of whom can not afford a doctor or simple check-up?

I ask? What happened America?

You were out there a year ago. Now, you sit on your ass and complain or - worse yet - you listen to the Republican political sabotage machine that has taken this country into the worst economic period of our times and now have the gall, the audacity, to try to revise history and blame others.

Get out there and vote today. And, nearly as important - get out there and work. Take a minute and decide what you are going to do to help move this country forward. Don't stand still and settle for what was yesterday, what was troubling, what was setting us back. Don't settle for so-called leaders who put barriers in front of change and then question why hasn't change come quickly.

I am doing that by backing Michael Flaherty of Boston for mayor. I am not settling for the past 16 years of ancient and back room political influences. I want Boston to be a better place for me and my family. I want some progress.

It's Election Day 2009 and Election Day is the most important day of the year. It is not just your right to vote, it is your obligation.

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