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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Support TL and his Scruffy Beard...

As noted in the prior post, I am literally leading with my chin and subjecting myself to tons of ridicule to help raise some money for the Boston Bruins charity foundation.  Please pledge a simple $10 (or more, if you can afford it), by pledging your support and
clicking on the headline above, then type in Terry Lyons in the area of - There is a specific beard grower that you would like to support!  It is that easy.  Let's go.  I will do periodic photo updates starting with the face-off of Game 1 of the playoff series vs. The hated Habs.

See the press release:

Beginning Thursday, April 9 the Boston Bruins are inviting fans to grow their own playoff beards to support the B's during their playoff run by kicking-off the "Bruins Beard-A-Thon" on, the team’s official website. The 2009 "Bruins Beard-A-Thon" gives Bruins fans the opportunity to show their support for the team and raise money for the Boston Bruins Foundation.

The hockey playoff beard is an age-old tradition for players participating in the Stanley Cup Playoffs. Fans can join in on the tradition by "growing one for the team" and inviting family, friends and business associates to pledge their playoff beards to raise money for the Boston Bruins Foundation. 

Fans can create their "Bruins Beard-A-Thon" profile by uploading their photo at Participants can choose to grow their own beard and update their growth throughout the playoffs or they can grow their beard virtually by choosing the ‘Build-A-Beard’ option, giving women and children an opportunity to get involved.

Beard growers may pledge themselves by making a donation and their friends and family may also pledge their efforts.  Donations can be made in two ways, a one-time pledge (minimum $10) or a daily pledge (minimum $0.50/day).  Throughout the playoffs, fans will have the opportunity to win tickets if their beard is voted the best on  At the end of the contest there will be various prizes for the best and worst beards as well as a prize for most money raised.

About the Boston Bruins Foundation
The Boston Bruins Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foundation whose mission is to assist charitable organizations that demonstrate a strong commitment to enhancing the quality of life for children throughout New England. Since its inception in July 2003 by the Jacobs Family, it has raised more than $2 million dollars through a series of fundraising events. The Foundation, which provides grants to organizations that meet the standards of its mission, concentrates on athletics, academics, health, and community outreach programs that assist in helping enrich the lives of children throughout New England.

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