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Monday, April 13, 2009

Let the Stanley Cup Playoffs begin ...

"You go to the box. Two minutes by yourself and... you feel shame. You know... and then you get free." - Charlestown Chiefs goal-keeper Dennis LeMieux

Let the games begin. The top-seeded Boston Bruins drew their legendary rivals in the Montreal Canadiens for a first-round, best-of-seven match up. At first, a match-up against the NY Rangers seemed imminent, but the Broadway Blue Shirts won their last three regular season games to gain the seventh-place seed and a seven-game match-up against the Washington Caps.

The Bruins locked up best record in the East but fell one point shy of San Jose for best record in the entire NHL. That single point will make the NBA-NHL-NLL schedule makers cringe as they begin to fight for some of the well-sought after common playoff dates upcoming over the next few weeks and months.

As a Boston-based fan with a serious (financial) interest in the success of the teams, as it relates to a steady flow of restaurant patrons into Johnnie's on the Side, I am rooting like there's "no tomorrow.' Go Bruins (Sorry Isles), Go Blazers! and Let's Go Celtics! (Sorry to all my faithful NBA team supporters... you know I did a good job of impartiality for 26+ years).
Christ, I even helped Puerto Rico and Argentina do their post game PR effort when they beat the 2004 USA Basketball Olympic team in Athens. But, the $ from extra events at The "GAH-Den" really translate nicely to the JOTS future.

But anyhow, back to hockey. Playoff HOCKEY -- the best there is.

Hockey East warmed us up. BU set the table with their stunning overtime win in the "Frozen Four" in DC on Saturday night. Now, it's time for the big boys. Lucic is the man.

The Bruins talked many of us into particpating in a program called, "Grow One for the Team."
It's a Boston Bruins "Beard-a-thon" and it will raise money for charity $25 alreaady registered and more to be pledged by friends.) It goes to Bruins charities and over the course of the year, they do a HELL of a job doing Community Relations efforts throughout Boston.

All Boston teams do a great job in the area of community relations . It makes me proud to be a newfound Bostonian. I hope to lend some time this summer at the Teddy Ebersol Fields along Storrow Drive. Teddy was my man, the little guy ofter accompanying us to the NBA Lottery or a playoff game or two. He was taken from us at such a young age and it came so suddenly in that terrible plane crash around Thanksgiving Day and the USC v Notre Dame football game, back in November of 2004. Teddy and two crew members of the ill-fated flight lost their lives but Teddy's Dad, Dick Ebersol, a lifelong friend of the extended Lyons-NBA-NBC=family and his brother Charlie.

In the meantime, I have a pretty scruffy beginning to some grey-beard fuzz that is showing some promise after three days. It better help the Bruins win some games and raise awareness for their foundation, because it's costing me serious points on the homefront as three Martin-Lyons family members are no longer in the hunt for a cuddle from Dad. We'll see...

LOts of fun as the winter weather starts to fade, the bikes are out of the garage, some spring cleaning in the works, the yard-man getting it going and T and Alexa planting all kinds of tomoto seedlings, along with some cucumbers. Next up - The Topsy Turvey tomato planter thing. Film at 11am. Mayb, we will start our own farm stand soon.

Send ideas on that..


PLEASE pledge $10 or $20 or $25 to my efforts for the Boston Beard-athon.



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