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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The issue of "Hair" ...

The media's focus on a particular 'issue' has always been of interest to me. The hard-hitting journalism, the investigative reporting, the back alley sources have all produced some amazing stories.

I believe the next United States Presidential election is the most important election in the history of my country.
I think it can become a turning point for positive change, especially in the world of international relations or foreign policy.

Americans are now looked down upon in most of the world. It's a damn shame, but it is true. And, to some extent, we deserve it.

I think the next election - regardless who wins - can be the point at which our fortunes change.

Now, that said, how on EARTH can someone's hairstyle become a point of focus in an election? The dumbing down of our news reporting and television coverage allows it to happen. (see John Edwards sarcastic take on that subject in this Youtube link)

We must take a stand on the dumbing down of America and the news.

The only way to do that is to change your viewing habits.

If a network goes the tabloid way - don't watch. Tell your friends not to watch. Take a stand.

So what will be left to watch?

Here is the list of networks gone bad:

Fox News - (never had a chance)
CNN - (it used to be the anchor)
NBC, ABC - (can be saved)
CBS - (I don't blame Katie, it went downward years ago)
The networks all broker with their government sources on what to cover, how and when.

So, I have turned to the BBC for their website coverage and I often enjoy the BBC Americas news program.

It's not perfect. There will always be a filter between the truth, the media and the public.

The old saying in journalism, attributed to the Washington Posts's Ben Bradlee, "We don't print the truth, we print what people tell us is the truth."

Food for thought the next time you watch the security level raised or lowered?

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