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Monday, September 15, 2014

Soccer 101?

World Cup 2014 (Getty Images)
What do you get when you take a dyed in the wool soccer club supporting Brit, drop him into the early-formation chaos of Major League Soccer and then sit back and watch millions of new fans around the country scrambling to understand the "so-called" beautiful game and its nuances? You get Club Soccer 101, a new and very unique guide to the world's elite soccer clubs, written by Luke Dempsey for the American Soccer fan who loved the 2014 World Cup but is still struggling to understand the difference between Notts County and Notts Forrest.
The book takes most of the elite soccer clubs from around the world and breaks down the team's colors, traditions, business structure and the success or failures of each club in an easy to read primer. It's the perfect companion for the many USA-bred, sport-minded adults left wondering who their kids are following on the video game FIFA 2014 and a welcome resource for the millions of others now tuning into Premier League every weekend on NBC Sports Net.  The book comes just in time as the Champions League kicks-off in mid-September and international futbol returns to regular season play after a near month-long break for international play.
Club Soccer 101 will provide great insight into the history of Chelsea or the traditions on Manchester City, while also providing some much-needed explanations for MLS clubs like the Seattle Sounders, the LA Galaxy, the Houston Dynamo and even the New York Red Bulls, who Dempsey has been a season ticketholder for since they were the MetroStars toiling around in the vastness of Giants Stadium back in the day.   
The book is a very easy read and never gets bogged down in useless overstated terms, it is written with the knowledge that Americans want to understand more, but need the clubs explained in simple terms. Whether you are a loyal supporter of Arsenal or still discovering Sporting Kansas City, Club Soccer 101 has something for every sports fan, and for all the newfound soccer fans just discovering "The Beautiful Game" across America.

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