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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Year of 2012 in Review: Horse Racing

A look at the Year of 2012 for the Horse Racing industry, by Ken Adelson
Saratoga - Lifestyle Lesson 101 for JC
NEW YORK, DECEMBER 26, 2012 -- When you look back to review the year in the world of sports, the Year 2012 will stand as the beginning of something big for the horse racing industry as America’s Best Racing was born. The Horse Racing industry is cultivating a new generation of fans with a focus on lifestyle, entertainment, competition and gambling. Using the new ABR website, network television broadcasts, social media, extensive video production and on-site engagement, ABR is engineered to drive fan development and bring a fresh perspective to the sport.
I was privileged to be part of the launch team and help build the overall strategy. Of course, one of the most powerful tools in the social media age is video and the ability to reach people in ways unheard of just a few short years ago. We got out of the gate quickly with a series of vignettes designed to help introduce new fans to the game. They were used all year long on the ABR website, posted on many racetrack sites and aired on NBC during our "Road to the Kentucky Derby Broadcasts." We asked Joe Kristufek from Horseplayer Now to be our host and in one jam packed day at Gulfstream Park in Florida, shot a dozen segments we called  "Racing 101." 
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