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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Just What We Needed ... Another Holiday

A Good decision for Nat'l Lager Day
The calendar is full of 'em, but there is room for one more.

Yes, one more holiday - and it should be a holiday celebrated by everyone in the Commonwealth because we need to salute the most important company in all of Massachusetts - the Boston Beer Company, brewers of Sam Adams Beer.

From the brewers, our buddies from cross town, who keep the kegs and bottle supply at West End Johnnie's stocked with the best of the best, the freshest of the freshest, and they help our staff monitor and serve the beer at its peak.

That is their craft. They like the beer lines kept at PREMIUM levels - so recently, West End Johnnie's re-engineered every beer line in the joint to be state-of-the-art in terms of cleanliness and efficiency, resulting in the freshest brew in the West End of Boston.

It’s no secret that all of us here at the brewery love lager. And we thought – what better way to celebrate National Lager Day on December 10th than with the brew that gave Jim his start back in 1984, surrounded by friends. So on Monday, we encourage you to raise a pint with us as we salute our favorite family of beer – lager!
How do you celebrate with the folks at Sam?

"For those of you not familiar with this style, lager is a type of beer that encompasses a wide variety of styles ranging from light pilsners to rauchbiers to darker bocks. So what links them together?  Lagers are fermented and conditioned for longer aging times than ales at lower temperatures which yields clean flavors and allows the malt and hops in the beer to shine. Our Samuel Adams Boston Lager is brewed with two-row malted barley to give the beer its body and flavors ranging from slightly sweet to roasted, and Bavarian Noble hops which impart floral, piney and citrus notes. To take our brew a step forward  we age Boston Lager longer to maximize and enhance the complex flavor combinations.Now back to National Lager day. To help pay homage to this style of beer, we’re hosting The Great Samuel Adams Boston Lager Log Off on Monday night. We want you to close the computer and put the phone away for a few hours and kick back with a delicious craft lager at your favorite watering hole in celebration of good beer and good conversation."

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