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Thursday, November 8, 2012

SVG: The final Addendum is Adden(dumb) and Adden (DONE!)

Of recent posts, the saga of the folks that run Disney and their decision to leave (former) NBA coach Stan Van Gundy at the announcing alter received many an email comment or nasty critique of my venom spewing alter-ego.

So be it.

To close the book on the topic, I thought it necessary to post this direct quote from ESPN's John Skipper, the head honcho of the NBA on ESPN and all things Disney, ESPN related.  I'll post w/o any filter or comment as it is attributed to Skipper and reported word-for-word after his participation in the 2012 Covington & Burling Sports Media & Technology conference held today in NYC: (credit to the Sports Business Daily):

The panel, titled “From The Top: Insights On Sports Media,” saw Skipper comment on discussions between the network and league partners with regard to on-air talent: “When we’re doing games, we of course consult with our partners. We’re licensing their product to put on our air. I will state categorically that the decision not to hire Stan Van Gundy was my decision and only my decision. We looked at a number of people to put on our studio show. I wanted to bring in Bill Simmons, which we did. Simmons had a relationship with Jalen Rose. We brought Stan Van Gundy in to audition. He did very well. We did proceed with a discussion with him about potentially hiring him and then I decided not to. The only time I had a discussion with David [Stern] was when I told him, ‘This is what we’re going to do.’”

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