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Sunday, November 4, 2012

Can They Be This Stupid?

Foxy? Want a good laugh?

Read this:

Ole Wilbur, err Williard, n
and then decide whether the reporter/by line should get the equivalent of being "disbarred" from journalistic endeavors such as being a reporter for a Fox news station.

If that's not enough, here's the straw to break Romney's back.

It's official, if you spend one second watching Fox News, you might as well be sent to the USA version of Siberia, a.k.a - Nassau County. NY

So, here's the state of the union as of Election Day Eve:  Romney, after watching Clint Eastwood talk to a chair, then getting the smallest "bump" from a GOP Convention ever recorded, then "actually" and somehow building some momentum after a stellar "performance" in Debate #1, proceeded to watch Colin Powell, NYC Major Michael Bloomberg and NJ Mayor Chris Christie all cross parties to thrown their support behind President Obama. 

Bye bye O-Mitt - See you at the Bain Christmas Party.


I'm also - skipping protocol of awaiting for the polls to close and the is calling the 4th Congressional District in the favor of Joe Kennedy, who will head to DC to fill the Congressional seat formerly held by Barney Frank.


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