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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Your Vote for Mitt to Assist Late Night Comedians Everywhere

TL: Endorses the re-election of President Barack Obama and veep Joe Biden, the election of Elizabeth Warren as Senator of Massachusetts and Joe Kennedy as Congressman to represent the 4th Congressional District of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.

It's a week until Election Day 2012, so I thought it was my duty as a relatively new citizen of Massachusetts to wrack my brain to try to find just one single reason to vote for Mitt Romney and Scott Brown.

I tried and tried and tried.

I thought about the fact he was (is) a successful private equity investor and he has done a great job for his partners at Bain, making zillions and zillions of dollars. That's cool.  Capitalism is the American way. Unless, of course, your name is Elizabeth Warren and you are running against the Commonwealth's real soccer Mom, Scott Brown, who debunks Warren for the very thing he praises Romney for during his campaign stops in rural Massachusetts where the bard coat and pick-up gather votes to cancel those from Boston, Brookline, Cambridge and the more democratic confines.

Then, I found a reason. I identified the one single reason and it was to elect Romney so he could fuel the Late Night comedians and their posse of comedic writers with potent material for the next four years. Romney might even rival former President George W. Bush in terms of providing unintentional comedy relief to a nation of stressed out adults.

Here is his new campaign slogan:

Comedy is the Best Medicine wrote Reader's Digest and Mitt's the man for Late Night.

Here's a compilation reel of a few gems.


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