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Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rocky Road on NFL

Wow - Sometimes I get some gems on the old #DigSportsDesk email front.  I like to try to pick the NFL games and we always have some fun in the various fantasy game pools.  Here is a prediction that came in from Rocky Lakeshore - I'm sure it's his name, right?

"I wouldn't touch the NE pats game.
Jax or bills have a good shot at an upset. Both defenses are very unpredictable, they have the potential to be lock down or abused. Both cutler and smith are mental cases, put some preasure on them and things go down hill and fast. Expect to see a lot of blitzing. Time of possession will be critcle for both games. If jax and bill run game shows up they should be tight games. Drew and spiller are damn good.
I still think denver will win ; )
Don't be surprised to see some shocking upsets today..."
Wow.  Counter to my thoughts, but worth posting, just to see.

We'll score it tonight.

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