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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Amazon Product Reviews and Binders Full of Women

Amazon has a pocket-full of miracles and binders full of women.

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Too small for women October 17, 2012
As an intern on the Romney 2012 election campaign, I was tasked with procuring binders for Governor Romney. While these binders are well made, attractive and reasonably priced, and while I'm sure they would make an excellent choice for those wishing to store written or printed documentation in a secure and easily accessible manner, they are unfortunately too small to put women in.
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No women in it October 17, 2012
By Moi
On CNN, some guy named "Mitt" said that binders were full of women. Being lonely and single I bought several of these binders and had them shipped overnight. While they are quality binders, I was dismayed to find no women in any of the dozen binders I ordered. I will be returning them.
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Limited Size for Women October 17, 2012
This product might be sufficient for smaller projects, but I was looking for a binder that could be made "full of women." My project is aimed at improving women's historically lower employment and pay in the U.S. and an information program on TV last night featured a handsome salesman who suggested that binders was the way to go. I see you carry other, much larger binders and will check those out right away.
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