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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Every Which Way But Loose (Screw)?

This needs no introduction.

It is the worst on-stage performance since Richard Gere at The Concert for New York City. However, this was planned and staged. Yes, someone actually placed a chair on the stage for Philo Beddou himself. 

At the five minute mark, it's painful.

At the 11-minute mark, the stage directors and RNC (empty) suits must've been committing (Dirty) Hari-Kari.

See for yourself.  And, ask yourself, your spouse, your neighbor. Are you gonna vote for the guys responsible for this dead act and the sham that was the Republican National Convention? (John Boehner and bar room brawls, Chris Christie and his self promotion at the cost of valuable time for his party's candidate?)  I guess Snooki wasn't available.

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