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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Charting the 2010 Senate Races while Monitoring Media, PR, Crisis Management

Google Ventures always has some interesting links to surf when time permits.  This morning, I was up early and had some time to investigate what Google and AOL were up to as they try to navigate the future.  One site, struck me as interesting and, upon further review, I discovered a number of strong PR, Communications and Crisis Management applications.  It's worth a few minutes of you time and let me know if you have questions, suggestions or ideas on applications to the sports world.  I will share those and a number of my own thoughts as this plays out in my recorded future.

Aside from sports, here is a cool application in the world of politics

Recorded Future’s View of the 2010 Senate Races

We at Recorded Future are pleased to announce our new U.S. Senate elections dashboard featuring our news analytics data on candidates in the closest 2010 Senate races.

Drawing from our database of events and entities identified within online news publications, blogs and social media channels, this dashboard tracks the momentum, best characterized as online buzz, and sentiment, both positive and negative, on coverage of the 29 candidates in 14 interesting races.

The dashboard also shows the state of the current race via Pollster’s poll aggregation as well as links to the most recent sources discussing each candidate.

By laying out the past thirty days of sentiment and momentum, we can easily visualize the mood of online media coverage as well as trending of discussion on each candidate. As a supplement to the daily tracking polls, this shows a few different angles of how the campaigns are playing out.

Certainly, it’s not meant to be predictive of who will win each race. Instead, it takes the view of a strategist, as the dashboard lays out how well a campaign has been doing in getting the media to speak positively about the candidate.

We hope you’ll enjoy playing around with the dashboard to get a view of how effectively the races are being run and seeing which candidates might be peaking in coverage.

See the 2010 Senate Dashboard here.

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