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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Don't Txt, Don't Cell

From The Globe:

Last year, Americans sent 1.6 trillion text messages and spent 2.3 trillion minutes talking on cellphones. They also drove nearly 3 trillion miles. More often than many will admit, those activities happened at the same time.
On Thursday (Today), the Safe Driving Act takes effect here, placing Massachusetts among the majority of states where the law forbids texting while driving, and where 16- and 17-year-old motorists will not be allowed to use a cellphone in any manner while at the wheel, unless it is to dial 911.
But specialists say changing behavior will require more than a change in the law, especially among teens, who are both the least experienced drivers and the heaviest text-message senders. Safe driving advocates say it will be up to parents to help persuade teenagers to stop using mobile devices while driving.
“It’s important for parents to be aware of this law, and to model good behavior,’’ said Mary Maguire, public and legislative affairs director for AAA of Southern New England, and a mother of three teenagers. “I think that’s more powerful than talking to kids.’’
If you're 'on the fence' about this law, you might consider reading this: CLICK HERE

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