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Friday, February 19, 2010


Tiger Woods apology was compelling TV viewing which apparently stopped trading on the floor of the stock exchange and merc exchange.  My take on the continuing drama: His remarks ran 13.5 minutes but they will fuel some 48+ hours to months of talk show fodder for TV, radio, online, gossip pages and water-cooler chatter.  Most of the chatter is baseless and a waste of time.

From the start, I've thought that only two people and their kids really matter in this whole hill of beans.

What will continue?  The public relations gurus and many others - in and out of sport, golf, TV, will attempt to make a name for themselves or make a few bucks from these unfortunate circumstances that Tiger - and only Tiger - is responsible and accountable for.

See exhibit 1-A:  available if you have a subscription to Sports Business Daily:

If not, here is portion:

At Tiger Woods’s press conference, he will speak to the media about his alleged indiscretion and the future of his career. Will it be received as an act of contrition or suspicion?

Gregory FCA, a national top 40 public relations firm and the largest in Pennsylvania, will conduct an online survey of sentiment among millions of blogs and bloggers, using data from Nielsen Online’s BuzzMetrics, to determine whether Tiger Woods’s image and reputation have been enhanced or diminished in the hours and days following his press conference.

The results will at first evaluate the sentiment of bloggers throughout the Internet and will be available by 1:30 p.m. EST. Gregory FCA will continue the survey throughout the day and through the weekend as the online conversation unfolds and sentiment changes.

The final report, available Monday, Feb. 22 at 11 a.m. EST, will sample a broad cross section of digital media including blogs, message boards, forums, Web sites, Twitter, and reader comments from more than 100 million online sources. Gregory FCA will be able to provide reliable information to the media on which to base their reporting of a story that has enthralled the American public.

I hope he can work things out for his family.  Period.  I'll have nothing more to say or add to that out of respect for his wife and kids.

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