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Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ramble On ... Super... Not for ST John's.

Winning by 16, they lose to West Va. by 19.  It is officially over for St, John's and the Norm Roberts era.


Some interesting thoughts relayed to Billboard Magazine from Pete Townshend of The Who as he prepares to play the Super Bowl with Roger Daltry.  See:

Pete says: "This show, for us, is an example of what he and I can do together, waving the Who flag, carrying the flag for the boomer generation, just as Paul McCartney, Tom Petty and the Stones have done previously."


A post in the Washington Post... about Whom?

Why is the media so interested in someone who has nothing to propose and who is unprepared to take on any major political role?
There is so much to instruct the public about in terms of national and international news. Why is so much space given to the minor players? It's toying with the people - it's spam on the front page. An article, yes - a huge headline? No.

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