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Friday, November 13, 2009

Celtics vs Hawks - Second Q

Atlanta has some offensive firepower with Jamal Crawford coming off the bench to back-up the likes of Joe Johnson and Josh Smith. Add another 13 and 10 ppg from the likes of Al Horford and Mike Bibby and you've got some offense. (107.8 ppg). The issue is the team defense, currently giving up about 102 ppg.


A timeout at the 5:40 mark with the Celts leading 32-31. Paul Pierce vs. Josh Smith an interesting match-up (Smith leading Pierce 9-8 in points). Ray Allen on Joe Johnson in a tough assignment for the Celtics vet. Hawks match-up well against Boston, as they did in playoffs of two years back when the Celtics went on to win the title.


At 3:15 in half, a Rondo layup nullified when Kendrick Perkis committed an offensive. Rondo line is 0-0--4 (pts-rebs-assists).

Hawks lead 37-36.

More to come at the half.

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