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Friday, September 4, 2009

Off to College dot Com

Can you believe that there is actually a web site called,

And, there's also the intricate and detailed site of and they both have some serious checklists for move-in day when a student first heads off to the place of higher learning.

How about Pepto-Bismol as the top item in Misc/Medicine?

And, if time permits, check out the story on how certain dorm rooms at BU offer some of the most stunning views in the Boston-metro area.

I can remember a few times in life when the sojourn to college really impacted the family. Personally, I remember when we drove up to SUNY-Oneonta to bring my brother to school and how much I missed him that year.

Fast forward to a day when one of my work colleagues drove his son to Georgetown and I can vividly remember the impact. Same thing today with a buddy and longtime colleague taking some time off from his incredibly busy and stressful job to head off to Amherst and help his son unpack at UMass. God Bless them.

Let's go!

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