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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Ramble On...The Big EssGees

The Boston Sports Guy knocked home his best and most dynamic duo of columns of the past two+ years when he penned the "Almost Famous" and NBA comparison/newswire missives of the past week or so. In case you missed it, go to ESPN Page 2. Go immediately to ESPN Page 2. Run. Or click here:


Now, check this section out:

"You'll meet them all again on their long journey to the middle."
-- Lester Bangs

That's really the pinnacle. Let's talk about Philip Seymour Hoffman's extended cameo as Bangs. According to the director's commentary, they had Hoffman for three shooting days, and he was sick the whole time. Yet he still banged out a winner. If you were to have a DVD-collection draft with five buddies (and by the way, don't think I haven't done this) in which everyone picks six actors in snake fashion and you get every single movie they made on DVD, Hoffman would be a sneaky late-first-round pick. You'd get "Almost Famous," "Boogie Nights," "The Talented Mr. Ripley," "Scent of a Woman" and about 10 watchable indies, right?

(Because you asked, my top 12 looks like this: Hanks, De Niro, Cruise, Stallone, Pacino, Douglas, Freeman, Damon, Hoffman, Costner, Hackman and Denzel. Late-round sleepers: Clancy Brown and Joe Pantoliano. Admit it, you want to make your own list.)

Now, he's right. I had to stop in my tracks and make my own quick list. Here it is... but I COULD NOT STOP AT 12:

Humphrey Bogart
Lee Marvin
Jack Nicholson
Denzel Washington
Tom Hanks
Morgan Freeman
Walter Matthau
Paul Newman
Dustin Hoffman
Al Pacino
Robert De Niro
Gene Hackman
Sean Connery
Joaquin Phoenix
Robert Redford

Now, I'll give you the resons that I had to have them on the list and the MUST have motion pictures they bring with them to the 'party.'


The tough Assignment - Listing them IN ORDER!

Humphrey Bogart - Must have for Casablanca alone. Others are bonus
Robert De Niro - Say no more.. Could be #1! - Goodfellows, Casino, Ragin Bull... tons of others.
Lee Marvin - For two: Cat Ballou and Dirty Dozen
Jack Nicholson - Can't believe he's fourth? (OFOTCCN alone, plus "You Can't Handle the Truth"
Denzel Washington - Philadelphia and Crimson Tide alone... never mind "American Gangster."
Tom Hanks - no explanation necessary; Philadelphia alone; Private Ryan; Cast Away, tons.
Morgan Freeman - Shawshank, Seven, Miss Daisy, Million Dollar Baby
Walter Matthau - For the Odd Couple - PERIOD.
Paul Newman - Tons, but can you live without SLAPSHOT?
Dustin Hoffman - The Graduate, All the President's Men (see Redford), Kramer vs Kramer. more
Al Pacino - Heat. TONS more.
Woody Allen - Purple Rose of Cairo, Hannah & Sisters, Annie Hall and all the others.
Gene Hackman - Good connection with Cruise to get The Firm (Jeanne Tripplehorn) +
Sean Connery - Bond films alone, and The Untouchables (Costner deserves honorable mention)
Joaquin Phoenix - For Walk the Line performance alone.
Robert Redford - Butch Cassidy alone; All the President's Men and The Sting (Newman, too)


NEWS ITEM: Chrissy Coughlin Wows 'Em at House of Blues (Foundation Room).


NEWS ITEM: The Beer Fest, err, Beer Summit, err, The CNN HYPE

Okay, I've had it. Had it with the crap, the criticism, the hype, the media frenzy to be 'first' and the all-out dumbing down of America.
Exhibit 1-A? The "Teachable Moment, Beer Fest at The White House."

My original reaction to the whole fiasco was that President Obama made one of the first big mistakes of his Presidency by inserting his opinion and non-informed viewpoint into a situation that was very much a local, city and non-national government issue. Why did he do that? I do not know.

Did he make a mistake? Yes.

Did it show that some racism and - get this - (get ready for one of the most ridiculous words/phrases) - "reverse racism" viewpoints exist LIVE and in LIVING COLOR in all walks of life? YES.

Did we learn something? I hope so.

But, at the end of the day - I truly believe that this is the problem:

From a Letter to
The best chuckle of the day, Wolf Blitzer on releasing footage of the meeting saying, "We will now air the video to the world."

It has to make the Daily News with Jon Stewart & should be in the running for the top ten pretentious statements of 2009.

Healthcare, Iran, Unemployment, North Korea all just a distant memory.

The smartest thing about this letter is the inclusion of North Korea in the thought, but surprising that an informed source would leave Afghanistan out of the list? Probably just a quick type of the note and not thinking it through that hard. Okay by me.


NEWS ITEM: Big Papi becomes Pill Pop-er.

Say it ain't so #2 for the Boston Red Sox Nation. Shaughnessy brought back the images of "The Sting" when Henry Gondorff was out-smarting (and out-cheating) Doyle Lonneghan. The Yanks, the Sox... where's the Rx reports from Tribe, the Angels? All the others.

No excuses.

MLB has no Anti-Drug program. Blame it on Donald Fehr. Blame it on Gene Orza or blame it on the MLB Commish(es) over many a year, not just Bud, Fay, & Bart... but Peter and Bowie, too. No excuses, just bury your head in the sand politics.


Here's the latest of news as well as a clip of a prior post I made back in mid-June. I will follow this post up with a GREAT story that ran today in the Boston Globe and on -- a story on the PMC founder Billy Starr who recently appreared on "Outside the Lines" and on ESPN's First Take.
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By the way - Johnnie's is slated for a GRAND Re-OPENING on or about September 1, 2009. It's BACK in FULL GEAR!! YAHHOOOO.
Now, one last item. In today's mail, a "Lance Armstrong" type yellow wrist band with the name of TONY SNOW was awaiting, courtesy of the good folks in DC that worked with Tony at The White House . In prior posts, I noted that my Davidson connection and basketball played a much stronger role than my political beliefs and actions when it came to my love and support for Tony and his family. It's a long story on how it all came about, but suffice to say, I connected and related to Mr Tony Snow - a lot and I love and support his wonderful college and its basketball team, the Davidson Wildcats.
So, Tony... I'll be thinking of you on some of the tougher stretches of the race, knowing how you - gracefully and inspirationally - met your (really big) challenges. God Bless Tony and God Bless America.
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