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Friday, June 12, 2009

Ramble On..Some assorted news

NEWS ITEM #1:  BING! ... Bling!

The new Microsoft site BING deserves a look.  I will surf it a bit before I make comment to give it a chance to 'shake out' a bit.  My initial reaction was good to very good.  No sports link, which is interesting.  You wonder why?

NEWS ITEM:  TOMMY POINTS from The NBA Coaches Association.

Tommy Heinsohn, the legendary player and coach of the Boston Celtics, was announced as the first winner of the Chuck Daly Award.  Here is the basic info, as reported by the Boston Globe in their Twitter post on Thursday morning:

The NBA Coaches Association announced that legendary Celtics player and coach Tommy Heinsohn will receive the inaugural “Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award.” The award is a tribute to Hall of Fame coach Chuck Daly. 

Daly set a standard of integrity, class and competitive excellence, and his recent passing is mourned by his fellow coaches. The award will recognize a coach who made special contributions to the sport throughout his NBA career and whose body of work had a positive, lasting impact on the NBA coaching profession. It will be presented annually to a current or former NBA head or assistant coach. 

Following his Hall of Fame playing career, Tommy Heinsohn led the Celtics to two NBA championships as head coach in 1974 and 1976. During eight-plus seasons on the Celtics’ sideline, Heinsohn displayed a passion for the game and an unwavering loyalty to the Boston franchise that continues today. His love and respect for the game, along with his major contributions to the establishment of the NBA Coaches Association, make him a perfect choice for the inaugural “Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award.” 

"I'm honored by this recognition," said Heinsohn. "Chuck Daly was a man and a coach who everyone had great respect for, and to be recognized in his memory is very special. I humbly accept this honor on behalf of all those who coach and have coached in the NBA." 

Dallas Mavericks head coach and NBA Coaches Association President Rick Carlisle added: “Like Chuck, Tommy Heinsohn has shown a lifetime devotion to improving NBA basketball for all who play, coach and watch the sport. His dedication, drive and vision unified NBA coaches and helped ensure their welfare for decades to come. Tommy helped pave the way for future coaches to make meaningful contributions to the game beyond the locker room and sidelines. All NBA coaches owe Tommy a debt of gratitude for his work and his example.” 

The NBA Coaches Association encompasses all current head and assistant coaches, as well as an active alumni totaling more than 225 members. The NBA Coaches Association is an integral part of the NBA family, working closely with the league on a wide variety of game-related, marketing and community service initiatives. With the “Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award” the association salutes Tommy Heinsohn for his groundbreaking efforts on behalf of our group.


NEWS ITEM:  Harvey Schiller addresses the fact Baseball is no longer an Olympic Sport.  See:

IBAF President Harvey Schiller said the benefits of baseball growth "will accrue to both baseball and the Olympic Movement." 

Seven sports are campaigning to join the Olympic program for the 2016 Games, each presenting their case next week to the IOC Executive Board in Lausanne.

Baseball, golf, karate, roller sports, rugby, softball and squash are the candidates.

In this installment of our series on each of the sports, International Baseball Federation President Harvey Schiller talks about baseball and the Olympics. 

Why is the time right for baseball to return to the Olympics?

Harvey Schiller: Since we just had a great event in Beijing, we don't think baseball has really left the Olympic Movement, and we continue to emulate all the Olympic ideals in everything we do, from global growth and grassroots work to one of the largest and most comprehensive drug testing programs in sport. 

The game of baseball is growing at the fastest rate ever for both men and women, and in many ways as we move forward together in the future, the benefits will accrue to both baseball and the Olympic Movement. 

Baseball's global year-round presence makes it the only global sport not on the 2012 program, and with the bid cities for 2016 all baseball-ready, it is a natural fit. All four countries involved in the 2016 have elite programs in place, and have already enjoyed success in baseball. 


NEWS ITEM: The basketball world in the BBL had some good news in Essex.  See this as reported by the great new site Basketball 24/7:

The British Basketball League has confirmed that the Essex Pirates Basketball Club will compete in BBL for the 2009 - 10 season.

The new franchise will be based in Southend and play home games at the Southend Leisure & Tennis Centre.

The County of Essex has a long and established history of basketball development, and the introduction of the Pirates franchise marks a return to top-flight action for the County.

The Essex Pirates team is the top of a developmental pyramid created by GB Coach Tim Lewis, and long time basketball operator Ian Mollard.

BBL Chairman Paul Blake enthused: "We are delighted to invite this new exciting franchise into the BBL.

"Essex has a strong tradition of basketball participation and support and the plans that this organisation have to further develop the basketball community in this territory are very much in line with the strategic direction of the BBL.

"This is first time the league has entertained 13 teams since the 2000/01 season. We are looking to make further franchise development progress in the next two to three years as a priority in identified territories as we look to expand to 16 teams.

"We wish the new franchise the best of luck for the forth coming season both on and off the court."

Ian Mollard said: 'We have all worked exceptionally hard to create an environment in Essex - and particularly Southend - where development of talented young players is a priority for us going forward.

"The Council in Southend have been exceptional in their support and enthusiasm to bring top professional basketball to the County and recognise the potential of the sport with the London Olympics rapidly approaching". 

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