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Friday, May 15, 2009

Boston Beard-a-GONE ...

The Boston Bruins lost in overtime last night and the Boston Garden crowd exited in silence.  It was pretty damn lousy.  This morning, I checked the Boston Bruins online site and clicked on the various community programs the team runs.

The Bruins do an excellent job in the Boston community and I am proud to say that I joined the effort to help raise some $83,005 (as of 10am today.)  My beard brought in a rather disappointing $220 but, as the great quote often stated by distinguished scribe, Mike Monroe of Denver Post/San Antonio Express by the way of the Santa Monica highway ay, "It beats a poke in the eye with a sharp stick."

My thanks go out to:

EvanSilverman   04/15/2009   $20.00  
JasonKaufman 04/21/2009 $25.00
Terrence Lyons 04/21/2009 $10.00 Go T...Second round... Let it Grow...
Thomas Walsh       04/21/2009 $50.00 From the boys...
DouglasDrotman 04/22/2009 $10.00 Good luck -- hope the Bruins keep winning and you keep getting scruffier
John Geerlings 04/24/2009 $25.00 Keep making us proud Terry!
Andrew Pierce 05/03/2009 $10.00 Andrew Pierce of Johnnie's
Andrew Pierce 05/03/2009 $10.00 $10 cash on behalf of JOTS and the West End Lounge
Fiona Cameron 05/11/2009 $10.00
Chris Brienza 05/13/2009 $25.00

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