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Friday, December 21, 2007

Last minute Christmas Gifts ...

As sure as a Rick Barry underhanded free throw, you are all consulting the Terry Lyons blog-o-sphere to make the toughest of decisions; what to get that certain someone for Christmas.

We all have a person or persons that are 'tough' to buy for. Either someone who seems to have everything or someone with impeccaable taste, endless resources and mood swings that would only be topped by the Moody Blues themselves.

So, just what should you buy that certain someone?

Sirius or XM Radio? Try the portable version, the Inno by Pioneer, and toss in a year long subscription.

Tivo? Tivo HD and a nice subscription.

A traveler in your midst? Get the ultimate PC connected, TV loving "Sling Box."

Blue Ray player? Nice. Or save the price and go for the Play Station 3, which is about the same price at retail.

Canon Digital Elph is really nice. Any model, depending on your budget.

New in town? Give a Garmin or Tom Tom. (Hint, hint for those who know I am Boston bound).

Too pricey? Need a gift more along the lines of the discount pricing aisle?

A 1GB ipod at about $79.00 at Best Buy is pretty sweet.

DVDs? Clapton's Crossroads for any classic rocker.

The MLB Premium pass for Mosiac on

A nice suggestion that everyone loves is a gift subscription to Consumer Reports, magazine and on-line edition.


Anything and everything by Leigh Montville. (Search it via Amazon).

See's Candy is always a big hit at my apartment, situated on the East Coast and miles and miles away from the West Coast based See's.

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CLM said...

Sadly, I have a friend who always remembers I love See's Candy but not which sort. A box of See's with nuts it doesn't satisfy one's craving for Scotchmallows.