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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Everyone Loves a List ... Rank Your (Living and Dead) Presidents

The Times - the "real" Times for you New York Times readers - ran a list of rankings of the United States' Presidents. AOL plugged the article big-time last Sunday, but I was too busy with Ramble On and a comical rip of W to switch gears and go with the thought-provoking and educational ranking story.

Quickly, I disagreed with the high ranking of Ronald Reagan and I did not think that Jimmy Carter should be listed so low.

My personal Top 10:

1. Lincoln
2. Jefferson
3. Washington
4. FDR
5. JFK
6. Truman
7. Wilson
8. Teddy Roosevelt
9. Eisenhower
10. (I am reserving this spot for Obama). (Yes, like clasping my hands in prayer or crossing my fingers in hope for good luck and godspeed to the new President.

Good stuff. You can read the entire story by clicking on links or headline above.


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