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Saturday, January 12, 2008

The Primary Schedule ...

Things are heating up in the political primaries. I thought this might be helpful to all the voters out there. Here's the schedule of things ahead for the Democrats...Republicans can go find their own schedule:


15 - Michigan (on 12/01/07 the DNC took away the state delegates)
19 - Nevada caucus (approved by DNC)
26 - South Carolina Primary (approved by DNC)
29 - Florida Primary (penalized by DNC for breaking party rules, resulted in losing their delegates)

February 2008

Super Tuesday - February 5th
Alabama, Alaska caucus, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado caucus, Connecticut, Delaware, Georgia, Idaho caucus, Illinois, Kansas caucus, Massachusetts, Minnesota caucus, Missouri, New Jersey, New Mexico caucus, New York, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Utah, American Samoa caucus

Late February 2008
9 - Louisiana, Nebraska caucus, Washington caucus, U.S. Virgin Islands caucus
10 - Maine caucus
12 - D.C., Maryland, Virginia
19 - Hawaii, Wisconsin

March 2008
4 - Ohio, Rhode Island, Vermont, Texas
8 - Wyoming
11 - Mississippi

April-June 2008
April 22 - Pennsylvania
May 3 - Guam
May 6 - Indiana, North Carolina
May 13 - West Virginia
May 20 - Kentucky, Oregon
June 1 - Puerto Rico
June 3 - Montana, South Dakota


Ed Muskie in a pantsuit?

Here was an exchange on Hillary Clinton's candidacy: (Note: Mike Murphy is a Republican strategist).

MR. RUSSERT: Last week we had Barack Obama and Mike Huckabee on MEET THE PRESS. This week we had John McCain. We invited Senator Clinton, she declined our invitation. Doing very few media interviews. I am told she might be doing “Access Hollywood” on Monday.

MR. MURPHY: Yeah, I don’t understand it, because if she doesn’t grab this thing fast—and it’s not her fault, she’s just not what they’re looking for, but she’s making it worse with this kind of campaigning—she’s going to turn into Ed Muskie in a pantsuit and there’s no chance. She has, I think, about 10 days, which means South Carolina, which is even harder for her.

MR. RUSSERT: Here, here’s the calendar, Mike Murphy. Let’s put it on the screen. New Hampshire is this Tuesday, then Nevada. That’s a caucus on January 19th. South Carolina on the 26th. Super Tuesday on February 5, that’s Alabama, Arkansas, California, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Tennessee, Utah, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Kansas, Massachusetts, Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Oklahoma.

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