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Thursday, September 27, 2007

Can you say Sierra Leone?

Sometimes, the comedy writers have a great day. The VP shoots his buddy in the face with a shotgun. Check... O.J. Simpson high-jacks a bunch of memorabilia from a would-be thief and claims it to be his own in a botched-up Vegas heist? Check... And now, the presidential speech writers pass along a speech for the United Nations general assembly with (PHO-NET-TIC) spellings throughout the document and a White House staff speech writer's cell phone number attached.

C'mon, now?

What can be next?

Tell me that TV will become mindless dancing and reality show biz, rather than true drama, comedy or news documentary? Tell me the dumbing down of America is not based on whether Mark Cuban can dance a little better than Wayne Newton and Scary Spice? Please?

Anderson Cooper and his 360 can tell us how important a news story is tonight (FDA not knowing the safety of drugs on market) but they have to tease it to note that it will air on CNN tomorrow? Now, that's breaking news. That's journalism at its best.

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