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Monday, August 13, 2007

Wise Words...

Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts recently said that ousted Bush administration and Republican strategist Karl Rove had “proved the politics of division may win some elections but cannot govern America.”

It made me think about the election to come in 2008 and the strategies that the candidates would create as they begin their pursuit of the presidency. Would they stay on the path to create further division between the parties? Would they cater to the base that seemed to put President Bush over the edge against his Democratic opponents of Gore and Kerry?
President Bush gave his longtime supporter Rove a White House send-off befitting the most honored of soldiers. The emotion-filled send-off might make you sick, if you were the mother or father of a soldier killed in action in the Middle East or Afganistan.

Yet, somehow, didn’t we all find ourselves feeling sorry for Rove, in some shape or form?

Was that the intention of the administration? Was it an attempt to appeal to the forgiving part of every human being’s soul? An attempt to manipulate every US voter’s soul?

Senator Edwards is pouring his heart and soul into the Iowa caucus. He is taking a calculated risk of putting his focus in Iowa at the expense of campaigning in New Hampshire.

As I recently toured in Portsmouth, New Hampshire, I notice the campaign headquarters for Mr. Obama but did not see much of a presence for Mr. Edwards. It made me wonder and I tracked down and emailed the field campaign manager for the seaboard region of New Hampshire, roughly an hour north of Boston, Massachusetts. The Edwards campaign responded to me in less than 12 hours and mapped out some dates (in the works) for an Edwards tour through New Hampshire at the end of August.

It is a full four months before the crunch time that will lead to the key portions of the campaign, the Iowa caucus in early January (12th) and the New Hampshire primary (22nd).

I can’t wait to watch it play out.

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