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Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Hittin' the Note ...

I love live music.

Attending a live rock show is my favorite pastime or activity. Aside from a mega-concert, like a U2 show or another bigtime act at The Garden, The Allman Brothers Band is my all-time favorite.

The Allman Brothers Band has enjoyed a renaissance of sorts in recent years with nearly 100-percent of the credit for the rejuvenation belonging to Derek Trucks. Trucks has become the #1 slide guitarist in the world. In some circles, he is the #1 guitarist. Period.

We made our way out to Jones Beach Theatre on Long Island last night. It was a terrible night, a cold driving rain which conjured up images of "the coldest winter being a summer in San Francisco." Well, San Fran has nothing on Jones Beach Theatre on a cool, rainy summer evening, let me tell you.

Bob Weir and Ratdog opened for the ABB. I think, aside from Roy Orbison, that Weir has the most distinctive voice in rock n roll history.

We made our way to the VIP section, enjoyed a cold beverage or two and some snacks, then headed to our seats which were slightly stage right and in the second row. When it comes to concert seats, especially the ABB and Derek Trucks Band, I am so damn spoiled, it is a cryin' shame. But, membership has its privileges and I am a proud member of the ABB family.

We were bundled up and I wore a jacket with a hood attached so when it came time for the show, I was pretty comfortable. When Derek jacked up his Gibson custom shop SG '61 Reissue, it was all blue skies.

I had a pair of Olympus field glasses on my hip and used them a lot during the night. From the second row, I could zoom in on Derek's hands and watch his every move, adjustment and could see his expression as he hit every note. I enjoyed watching the interaction between Derek and Warren Haynes (Lead guitar) and bass guitarist Otiel Burbridge.

Otiel has made his way up my all time favorite bass players.

I don't plan to make this blog a concert review forum, but I will say that I enjoyed every song but just loved a rendition of "In Memory of Elizabeth Reed."

See you next March at the Beacon.

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