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Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Bonds' ball goes to a guy from NYC ...

Is the ball on its way to the land of Oz? Does Quantas have safe deposit boxes on board? Will the guy from Queens sell out or save it? Theses are the questions to ponder after Barry Bonds cracked his 756th homer into the rightfield seats in San Fran.

A great piece of reporting on the chaotic scene can be found on the SF Chronicle's web site.

It makes you wonder. What would you do if you had the ball?

Keep it forever... Sell to the highest bidder...Lock it up and save it for a future payoff...Give it to Barry...Give it to Baseball...Keep it, but allow the Baseball Hall of Fame to display it (at a cost)... all viable answers to a question that has no 'right' answer.

Personally, I would try to create some goodwill for a charitable cause with the ball, which I believe rightfully belongs to Bonds.

I am NOT a big fan of the man, trust me. But I do believe that Bonds should be the one to end up with the ball. So, I would challenge the 43,154 people at AT&T Park by creating a web site to raise some money. How about my favorite charity (The V Foundation) getting a cool $863,080 bucks if every person in the crowd ponied up a $20.

The challenge would gain publicity everywhere and fans could add to the pot. (in a separate pool). Add the rank and file MLB players who can easily contribute $1,000 a man to the project. I will call upon full 40-man rosters for the 30 MLB clubs and at $1,000 per player, that would raise another $1.2 million.

Now, if MLB would match it all?

The whole project could raise $4,126,160 for the V Foundation if donations from each group would hit my benchmarks. My part? The ball would be presented to Bonds when the donations reached their targets.

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