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Friday, June 15, 2007

The web site ...

In mid-June, as my NBA career was winding down to its final days, I began the process of creating a Marketing, Communications and Sports Consultant LLC. I posted an inquiry to the NYC edition of Craig's list - Web Site Design for New Consultant Business - and within minutes, had a serious stream of web designers emailing me from all points.

The power of the web was evident as resumes and links came from all corners of the USA, including, New York, Los Angeles, NJ, Philadelphia and Seattle. International posts were right among the initial replies, including web designers in India.

I sifted through a number of talented web designers who all provided the items I asked for: A basic quote for a 20-25 page web site, samples of their work and a link to their portfolio or client web sites.

I interviewed a number of prospective web designers and decided to go with:

I am currently in the "Construction" phase of the design.

Outlines have been completed, artwork has been in production. I have asked for some assistance from NBA Photos to gather material to be included. Funny, as so many shots were photographs that I shaped, posed or orchestrated or they are photos of events that I helped promote.

In some cases, I will be taking the photos myself.

See some examples of a photo that will be included, to show my expertise in the field of Thoroughbred Horse Racing.

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