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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Anytime At All

Wanna see a Beatles cover band?

That statement often is met with "Elvis impersonator convention-like skepticism" each time it is put forth to non-believers in the possibility of bringing The Beatles tremendous music back to life, real life. The immediate assumption by msuic fans is the disappointment in listening to acts like Beatlemania (Broadway) -- which was pretty damn good -- or Rain or the faux pas bands like Yellow Matter Custard or 1964, complete with the mop-tops and full costume get-ups, that are so unnecessary if you are like me, and just want to hear the music.

With the Fab Faux, like so many have stated before me, "The argument is over."

They've been able to capture the recording studio of the 60s with LIVE performances where you simply can not believe your eyes, or, more importantly, your ears.

Proof? It is with the Part III of Abbey Road.  Listen in. (You will freak out at 1:56 - horns and 3:27 - drums).

Enjoy Beatles fans on this most wonderful Anniversary week.


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