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Tuesday, October 22, 2013

B.A.D. - The Ohio State University Tribute to Michael Jackson and My Tribute to Karen Morehouse

There's bad and then there's BAD - and I can say, The Ohio State University Marching Band is the latter, they're BAD!

As in unbelievably good!

Growing up in the '60s and 70s, every summer we had a great family outing, usually to one of the local high school football fields where the St. Ignatius Loyola Drum and Bugle Corp - fancy name for marching band - performed at a very high level, usually well enough to merit regional or national acclaim.

There was no one "Cooler" or "BADDER" than our (to the backyard) neighbor, Karen Morehouse, who had the coolest white cowboy boots and could play a trumpet with the best of 'em. She was probably about 19. To see her play, we'd all pile into an old '67 Ford station wagon and head up to see "St. I" compete on a hot summer night, many times at Hicksville High School's field or maybe that of neighboring St. Raphael's.

The menu for the night was pretty simple as great music, marching bands, the beat of the drums, the waving of flags in formation with a hot dog, twizzlers and a Coke. Often, one of my Dad's best friends, the late Joe Conway, would trek down from his Connecticut home to take in the festivities. It was as close to real "Americana" as I can remember, maybe something you would imagine taking place in Kansas rather than New York. Regardless, it was great.

Nearly 50 years later, I can vividly remember the images. I can also remember the faces, frozen in horror, when we heard the news of our beloved neighbor, Karen.

Karen Morehouse was "BAD," as in GREAT! Fit as a fiddle, they used to say, Karen, a strong athlete and avid swimmer, went to Jones Beach West End II one summer Sunday and didn't come home. The undertow - the incredibly strong ocean currents - very much a factor at that end of "the Beach" took Karen out too far and she fell victim to the fate that so many LI swimmers have met ... West End II took another soul down.

The Morehouse family patriarch - Lorrie - (always, Mrs. Morehouse to me) remained a loyal family friend for years and years until her death not all that long ago.

So, with fond memories of the family, to my compadre Kathleen, and a connection to my original thought on the topic of "Bad-Ass Marching Bands," I bring you a clip from a recent Ohio State football game and their marching band's tribute to the late pop star Michael Jackson.

The clip gets particularly interesting at about the 4:15-4:30 minute mark. With a smile, a great memory of a fallen neighbor, taken at such a young age, I pass this along with the thought to enjoy everyday as though it's your last. Let's appreciate and, really, treasure every moment we have with friends and family, with neighbors and new friends to be made today. 

Enjoy. It's dedicated to the memory of Karen Morehouse and a quick hello to my old friend, Kathleen, and... It's BAD! 

PS: The Band Director - Major - in Red... is as BAD as they come!

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