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Monday, June 17, 2013

Clueless in Chicago ...

Tasteless T
Clueless in Chicago - A brain dead retailer in Chicago first created a tasteless tee shirt, then they marketed it, then they realized ALL HELL was going to break loose unless they yanked the product, then they tried to apologize but ACTUALLY MADE IT WORSE with HALF-ASS, CLUELESS, insincere apology showing absolutely ZERO insight into what the people of Boston witnessed on April 15th and thereafter.

See Story here:;_ylt=A2KJ2PZsQb9R7nAA8uvQtDMD

By the way... Feel free to email the SCHMUCKS at

Note to Cubby - The sports teams are only one small avenue or outlet that continues to help the people of the City of Boston and its surrounding areas grieve a bit - to help heal/recover from the loss of lives of friends, the loss of limbs to freinds and strangers who are equally important, and the loss of our general freedom from safely walking down the streets.

Music and concerts, other events and gatherings, our religious beliefs, no matter what religion or faith, and time with our friends and family have helped just as much. We're also pretty indebted to our police and fire, all the nursees and first responders who served us so well. We might've been taking them for granted, but not anymore.

Most importantly, Mr CubbyTee - instead of the half-ass apology to try to save your business, you might pay tribute in some way to the souls of the departed, Ms. Lu Lingzi, Ms. Krystle Campbell, Officer Sean Collier and little Martin Richard, 8. By the way, little Martin Richard's kid sister, Jane, 7, just underwent her 11th surgery since the April 15th crime/terror act. And, officer Richard Donohue just went home last week after being shot in the chase-down of the two criminals who planted the bombs near innocent people and children.

Since you have no clue as to the meaning of a loss of life and to the loss of life of one of our "Finest" and the near loss of one of his fellow-officers, we think the CHICAGO Police and Fire Depts. might want to have a word with you and your colleagues at Cubby Tees. Just a thought. 

For your next tee-shirt venture, may we suggest a plain, white tee with the following old hockey phrase written in BLACK LETTERS --



And, to my dear friends - MANY - at the Chicago Tribune - please, just "Say It Ain't So?

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