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Monday, April 22, 2013

The Boston Marathon Bombings and "Michael's words"

Bob Delaney, author of COVERT
Former NBA referee Bob Delaney, a former New Jersey State trooper and undercover operative on a joint task force against organized crime, has some serious insight into crime fighting. Delaney worked on a landmark undercover case as a young trooper and his work resulted in one of the biggest mob busts in the history of the state of New Jersey.

Since that time, he retired from the force, then worked his way up from summer league official to NBA Pro Am to CBA to NBA to NBA Finals-level referee before retiring from the NBA after 25 years of service to the league as a respected official. 

Delaney currently works as "NBA Cares Ambassador" and he frequently visits with law enforcement officials and officers, military leaders and personnel and a host of other authorities to counsel and assist victims of Post Traumatic Stress in all walks of life.

These are his insights today:

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