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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Still on the Line ...

Wichita St. coach Gregg Marshall  (Getty Images)
Headline writing is the most enjoyable part of my little journey and labor of LOVE with the DigitalSportsDesk. Often, the headlines reflect my love of music as the headers are frequently a subtle reflection of my personality and my old-school taste in classic rock music.

Sometimes, I venture into pretty obscure areas and - I readily admit - the resulting headline is a far reach.

But, selfishly, I don't care.  If I amuse myself with it, and I get a little laugh or kick out of it, wondering if anyone on this earth will even figure out the reference or the connection, So, in other words, I just go with the flow.

This morning, after reading all the headlines (typical stuff, like "SHOCKERS!" and hearing all the "Shocking" references by the radio and TV talking heads with their highlight packages covering Wichita State's upset win over Ohio State and their well-earned ticket to the Big Dance in Atlanta, I decided to make a very obscure reference in a salute to the winning coach, Gregg Marshall.

and then -- whether you "got it" or not, enjoy ...

Happy Easter.

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