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Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Get Back ..

It's January 2 and I have some advice.  It is simple. We need to "Get Back" to the basics. Get back to work, get back to doing good and doing well, as my favorite Commish often said. Let's Go.

If we're going to plant our feet and make a stand, we have to start today. Whatever the issues may be, and no matter how daunting they might seem to be, we need to begin to tackle them one at a time.

Here are a few for me, and may they not sound like New Year's resolutions that go southbound after a few days. No, these are real issues for real people and we are each 100% qualified to help take them on.

1. Crime control.  Notice, I did not write "Gun control?" Yep, I've decided that I can meet the people who believe they have the right to own a gun and I can meet them somewhere in the middle of the road.  I have one caveat. 

I am going to champion a cause that people can own, collect - whatever they want to call it - with guns. 
I believe assault weapons should be totally outlawed and unavailable, much the way frickin' plutonium is a bit hard to come by in these United States. So, no more assault weapons. Period.

Hunters, guess what?  The deer and the antelope have a better chance and your (activity) - notice I did not call it sport as to be a sport, both sides need a chance to win.  So, dear hunters, your murderous activity just got a lot tougher.  One shot.  That's what you get. One shot at a time, and six consecutive shots if you squeeze 'em off quickly. Then, you are out.

Hand guns - limit to six bullets. Government officials should immediately begin a total review of all federal and state laws in regard to hand gun possession. 

Now, I also think we should totally CONTROL ammunition and the right for people to use ammunition. Yes, it might sound ridiculous, but I think there should be a massive public outcry on the availability of any kind of ammunition. Let's make it as hard to get as it is to get your driver's license renewed. One store and wait in line to get - say - 12 bullets a month - and no more than 144 bullets a year.

If you are found with more than 12 bullets - throw the key away.

But, an exception.  Just like they store pins and bowling balls for bowlers to use, your local gun range can issue (pseudo) ammunition in order for you to play with your guns at the ranges. Yep, shoot-away, as much as you like.  When you leave, you can have no more than 12 bullets in your possession.

Additional and massive measures need to be undertaken to address the many other issues of better "crime control," like the issue of mental illness, treatment, other weapons and possession of other weapons (like knives, small weapons, etc.).

2. Garbage control - No more throwing stuff on the ground.  Got it?  This one, compared to crime control and gun control, is easy. We are all required to properly dispose of any/all waste. We're also going to be required, one day a month, to go out and pick up 10 items of garbage on the ground, in the street, in the backyard, wherever.  One day a month, we all spend 10 minutes and pick-up ten things.

Remember, I said basics.

3. Clean river ways and oceans. See Step #2.  Same thing. Get to the local river, pond, ocean for us coasters, and help clean up a bit.It's easy.

4. Libraries. What?  Huh?

Yep, Libraries are next and everyone can pitch in and donate one book. Bring it to the library one time a year and sign up to do one simple clean-up activity.  Trust me, it'll help.

5. A yearly TV and Radio Telethon and Radiothon.  Every station on every (local) network stops all operations one Saturday a YEAR and does some fund-raising, for local storm protection, preparation efforts, you name it.  About 4 hours to the 12 hour mark, all efforts shift to fund-raising for the (local) hospital(s).

There will be more to come on this.  It's not the answer to all of our problems in life, okay?  It's simple, easy stuff to "Get Back" to the basics.

Get Back, Get Back...

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