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Saturday, December 17, 2011

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By Terry Lyons

Here are a few important factoids to consider when you plan your next marketing platform:

A whopping 74% of Smartphone owners have made a purchase with their mobile device.  Of those users,
- 76% still lean to the in-store experience
- 59% regularly use their laptop or home computer to shop
- 35% are relying on their Smartphone for purchases

- Google Research, 2011


Proximity Marketing is Next:

Proximity Marketing (also known as Location-based) is the process by which rich media content is delivered via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi to any enabled device and ultimately provides a free service to the end user. Rich Media Content can be, but is not restricted or limited to ringtones, wallpaper, coupons, music, videos, games and applications. Flash Messages can be delivered anywhere in proximity between 3-ft to 600-ft of the hotspot location.

Mobiquity Networks, based in New York, is the USA industry leader.  -

- Terry Lyons, Consultant and Proximity Marketing expert


The forecasters at eMarketing peg the mobile advertising spend in 2012 at $1.8 Billion, growing a healthy 47% during the year.

A majority of the growth will be attributed to search and display (banners, rich media and video) ad units, in addition to continued adoption of smartphones, tablets and mobile Web usage.  “Mobile advertising is no longer a question of ‘if’ but of ‘when,’” said Noah Elkin, principal analyst at eMarketer.

“Consumers increasingly expect to communicate, network, browse and shop from a range of devices, and the growing sophistication of smart devices will only accelerate this trend,” said Elkin. “But whether consumers access the web from a PC or a mobile device will ultimately take a back seat to marketers’ ability to build campaigns that reach across channels and devices and focus on targeting specific actions.”


Every CEO tells the same great white lie. It is at the heart of every communication. It is at the heart of every financial decision. It is, at it’s very base, the reason why you all are in the 99pct and they are in the 1pct. The Lie?

Says Mark Cuban, the author of BlogMaverick, "The Great CEO  White Lie = “We are acting in the best interests of shareholders.”

When a CEO utters this lie, everyone automatically forgives whatever they do. Add 10k jobless to the unemployment rolls ? Sorry, we did it in the BEST INTEREST OF SHAREHOLDERS.  Merge or buy a company and cut back across the board ? We did it in the Best Interest of Shareholders," wrote Cuban, the owner of the NBA's Dallas Mavericks.


"Top Ten thought-provoking Did You Knows"

1. Proximity marketing is powerful all by itself, as it allows you to target a potential customer just as he is within “proximity” to your business. When a person who has their mobile phone ‘enabled’ to handle a broadcast message (most mobile phones do by default), that means that you can send them a very special offer, such as a discount on tickets that might go unsold.

2. As the industry is well aware, the key to unlocking the potential of mobile is the growth of the smartphone. A recent report from Ofcom suggested this penetration is taking place at a rapid pace. The report revealed that more than a quarter of all adults (27%) in Britain now own a smartphone, while 28% use their mobiles to access the internet.
These statistics are backed up by agency Kinetic, and their research reveals that 50% of consumers would download promotions from posters to their mobile phones, while 75% expect to carry a smartphone or tablet when they leave their homes. Coupled with the increasingly hectic lifestyles of today’s consumers, this makes the prospect of accessing content on the move and out of the home an attractive proposition for brands.
3. The next level for outdoor will be to turn interaction into a transaction and, as mobiles become payment devices, the ability to buy off a poster in a bus shelter or shopping mall is going to be transformative.

4. Nigel Clarkson, sales and marketing director at Primesight, says: "Looking at the big picture for outdoor and mobile, the technology will only kick off if it provides something cheaper or easier for the consumer. "At the moment, we don’t have clients crying out for billboards with augmented reality. They are a great PR stunt and people like them, but at the moment, they are being used for one thing."

However, Clarkson admits that by its very definition, outdoor is the perfect medium for mobile.
"The perfect medium is really the perfect storm of opportunity for venues and sports teams looking to use their outdoor and ticket office or concourse assets to sell tickets to future events," says Co-Founder and Principal Terry Lyons.

5. The Third Screen: Marketing to your customers in a world gone mobile is an interesting read. 

From an Amazon review: "Author Chuck Martin thoroughly explains how mobile devices, mobile apps, mobile commerce, and the mobile lifestyle are impacting marketers in a big way, all around the world. Most of the content in this book focuses on helping the reader understand the best strategies and tactics for leveraging mobile as a new channel for marketing their products and services."

6. "The fact that most users are switching between their laptops and mobile devices on a minute-by-minute basis -- I know I go from my MacBook Pro to my iPhone email every time the phone rings and that doesn't address iPad and other tablets -- makes it much more difficult for email marketers to reach their customers with messages they will open, read and engage. But the dilemma and confusion brewing makes me consider bluetooth or wi-fi delivered video as the mechanism of choice for the future," says Terry Lyons, Co-Founder of

7. Should marketers design their emails for a text and still photo user on their desktop, a mobile user on a light and portable MacBook, a student on their new iPad2, a business owner on his iphone or her Android? What about the people at RIM and their never-ending attempt to adapt the omni-present Blackberry devices? Are text messages with a single link to a well designed site more effective as we delve into the mobile year of 2012?

8. "Controlling the "mobile" airwaves within and around an arena or venue with increased need of bandwidth for smartphone users, media and even arena workers/employees who can utilize web-based applications to take drink or hot dog orders will be the key issue for arena operators. A number of leagues, arena owners, telecommunications companies, sponsors, content providers and marketers are struggling with the issue and disappointing their consumers," says Terry Lyons, consultant to AceMarketing & Promotions and partner in MobiquityNetworks. "You can't control the radio frequencies or TV, but you can own your bluetooth and proximity delivery systems.

9. According to a blog post on Pew, people looking for information about local restaurants and other businesses say they rely on the internet, especially search engines, ahead of any other source. Newspapers, both printed copies and the websites of newspaper companies, run second behind the internet as the source that people rely on for news and information about local businesses, including restaurants and bars.

Media is focusing on that fact and designing programs for local bars and restaurants to help communicate their messages in real-time, locally.

10. The Media Forward mantra to help recap all of the information?

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